Our Facilities

The Community & Administration Building

The Community and Administration Building (CAB) houses our office, laundry facility, and a community recreational room. The community room is an area for our occupants to gather, enjoy each others company, have fun, and relax. The community room has couches, a T.V. a Ping Pong table, and a billiard table. AAG and Intrax do have an office located in this building as well.


The larger building houses all the occupants. The smaller building on the right is the Community and Administration Building.


Below is a picture of a unit layout and few pictures of what the unit looks like. Each room has 3 beds, a full bathroom, a microwave, a mini fridge, and air conditioning. We do provide a pillow, bed sheets, a fleece blanket, and a set of towels.

​Occupants must provide all other on going necessities.

Kitchen and Dining

Each floor has a community kitchen and dining room. Every kitchen has three stoves, ovens and sinks. Occupants must provide own cooking utensils, cookware, dinnerware, and cleaning supplies. (Pots, pans, silverware, plates, cups, dish soap, paper towel, and etc.)

Laundry Facility

Inside our Community and Administration Building (CAB) we have a laundry facility. Each machine is coin operated. Detergent can be purchased in the laundry facility. We do have HE (High Efficiency) washing machines. (Please make sure to wash appropriate detergent for these machines, detergent containers will have an HE label).