Occupant Rules

To ensure time spent living with us at Hiawatha Residence Hall (HRH) is enjoyable for you, other residents and our neighbors, the following rules will be strictly enforced. Violations may result in immediate eviction. Please note: there are security cameras in all indoor and outdoor common areas. For your safety security personnel and the local police patrol the property.

Quiet Time is 10PM – 9AM every day.

Only registered occupants may be in dorms and on campus.

  • Registered dorm occupants must display their HRH issued key cards at all times while on campus and when entering the campus at night
  • Visitors are not allowed at any time anywhere on the property. Only occupants who are registered with the office may be on property.
  • If someone is picking you up, including taxis, they must stop at the office entrance way and must stay in vehicle, they are not allowed to go get you from your unit.
  1. The possession , evidence of use, sale, or paraphernalia of illegal drugs or alcohol on HRH premises is expressly prohibited. ALCOHOL AND/OR DRUGS ARE NOT PERMITTED ANYWHERE ON THE CAMPUS, INCLUDING DORM ROOMS AND THE COMMUNITY BUILDING.
  2. SMOKING anywhere inside the HRH buildings is prohibited by the Wisconsin Law. Smoking must be done outside 15 feet/ 5 meters away from buildings in only designated areas. Security deposit will be forfeited (lost) for smoking anywhere inside HRH buildings.
  3. Guests (non-registered occupants) are not allowed anywhere on HRH property, including rooms, the community building and kitchen areas. No gatherings of (6) people or more for any reason anywhere on HRH property.
  4. Any suspected destruction, theft, stealing, misuse, misappropriation, or unauthorized possession of HRH, guest, or fellow occupant’s property will result in immediate eviction.
  5. Violence, fighting or threats of violence will result in immediate eviction. This includes, but is not limited to intimidating, threatening or hostile behavior, physical abuse, vandalism, arson, sabotage, use of weapons, or any other act that, in HRH’s sole opinion, is inappropriate.
  6. Tampering with any piece of fire equipment, including, but not limited to, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, extinguishers, and fire doors will result in eviction.
  7. All Local, State and Federal Laws must be adhered to. Violating any laws on HRH campus will result on immediate eviction.
  8. Fireworks and weapons (knives, guns, etc.) are not allowed on the HRH campus.
  9. Blatant disrespect towards another occupant, guest, Manager, Security, HRH Staff or neighbors will result in immediate eviction.
  10. Viewing (in print or via internet) or possession of pornographic materials is prohibited.
  11. No pets or animals are allowed anywhere on the HRH campus.
  12. Your unit will be inspected weekly for cleanliness. Repeated violations will result in eviction. You must keep your dorm unit and all areas you use such as the kitchen, recreation areas and bathrooms clean, tidy and in order at all times. Cleaning supplies are your responsibility — see Campus office with any questions.
  13. You are responsible for doing all of your own laundry, including washing bedding and towels at least once every two weeks. Upon move in, you will be provided with one set of bed linens, a blanket, a pillow, and a set of towels. Additional items may be purchased at the CAB office.
  14. Shower curtains in bathroom must stay inside bathtubs at all times. Feminine products (e.g. tampons, pads, and flushable wipes) cannot be flushed down toilets.
  15. Chairs and furniture may never be moved out of any unit. For safety reasons, chairs are not allowed on the balcony/deck/walkway areas in front of units.
  16. Doors to units must remain closed at all times that heating or air conditioning is turned on.
  17. HRH Management may enter your unit at anytime, without notice, for maintenance or emergency purposes.
  18. Do not hang anything on the walls. No nails, screws, hooks, Velcro or tape are allowed on the walls, chairs, furniture or doors.
  19. You are responsible for all of your possessions and valuables. HRH highly recommends that you purchase and install a padlock on your locker (padlocks are for sale in office). HRH shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any damage, loss or theft of any property, money or other items. HRH is not responsible for any personal injuries suffered by occupants. HRH is not responsible for any postal mail and or packages. You should obtain a Post Office Box for mail.
  20. You may not change the dorm unit you are assigned to without HRH’s approval and paying a moving fee of $50.
  21. Electric powered items NOT allowed in dorm units include: hot plates, large and loud music players, rice cookers, electric tea kettle, and irons without ironing boards. Music may be listened to only with headphones or ear buds during quiet time. No music may be played over speakers between 10PM and 9AM.
  22. Open flames including, but not limited to, candles, incense, hookah, fires, camp fires, bonfires, etcetera are not allowed on property or in any building.
  23. Keep your unit keycard/ID with you at all times. Do not share, borrow or let anyone else use your keycard. If you lose your keycard, report it to the Campus office immediately. New keys are $20.
  24. Bicycles must be kept in bicycle racks — NOT IN FRONT OF OR IN DORM ROOMS. If you have a vehicle /automobile, you must register and purchase a parking permit for $10 at the Campus office and park only in designated areas. Any vehicles/automobiles that are not registered at the office will get a ticket from the police department and be towed away– potentially a $250 or more expense.
  25. Any trash/garbage from room is the occupant’s responsibility to dispose of in the red dumpsters located at the end of every dorm building. Please do not leave any trash outside of doors on walkways. Do not place your trash from room into the kitchen garbage or any other garbage can — use only the large red dumpsters
  26. If your order food for delivery from a restaurant, tell the restaurant to inform the driver to meet in front of the office. Make sure to give your name and cell phone number so they can contact you when they arrive, For security reasons we cannot have delivery drivers go to any units.
  27. Do not hang any flags, banners, towels or clothing on balconies, handrails, or exterior of buildings.
HRH will evict you, without notice or refund, from your unit and the property if you violate any of the above regulations or violate any laws.

If you are evicted from HRH your sponsor and employer will be notified immediately. Additionally, you will no longer be permitted to enter onto HRH property.